This Sound Effects Story assignment was a fun challenge for me. Before this week I have NEVER worked with audio before like this. As I said in a previous post, YouTube tutorials have been my savior this week. There are so many great ones that help a lot! I got all of my sounds from Free Sound. All of these sounds are free to use and they have lots of great ones. I went with a more simple story but I still had a challenging time making it since it was my first real try with audacity, besides my previous DS06 radio bumper, so it was much different. I wanted to go with sounds we all know easily. Starting with the car driving then the engine stopping, the car door opening and closing, heels on the pavement, the heavy front door opening and the wonderful sound of barking dogs! I like this a lot and it is making me excited for other assignments we will have this week. Audio projects are awesome!

Below is the audio story I created:




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