Your Character’s Past fit great with this weeks assignment. It allowed me to create a deeper story for my character Jane Smith. Read below to hear about my superheroes past:

Jane Smith. Can you get more average than that? Jane grew up right outside of the city of Chicago, IL. Her childhood was average, her parents both had jobs and worked hard so she and her brother could have a good upbringing.

Her mom was the manager at a local daycare which took up her day from 5 am to past dinner time around 8. Her dad worked at a construction company and occasionally would do janitor work as well for extra money if they needed it.

Since her parents worked pretty late they would usually let the kids order food for take out. Jane’s favorite food to order was pizza so she would usually get that.

Her brother was 5 years older than her so they didn’t really connect much. When they were kids they got along well enough, but getting older they grew apart as he made new friends and spent less time with her.

She had a pet dog who she was inseparable with. His name was Biscuit, also similarly to her name very basic. Biscuit and Jane spent most days together. She got him on her 10th birthday and since that day he was basically her dog. He was a golden retriever.

Jane spent a lot of her time reading Alex Cross books to keep her busy. She enjoyed crime books with a good guy fighting against bad guys. She also always had her cell phone glued to her hand ready for any alert it may receive. Her best friend Sam would text with her all the time. They lived two blocks from each other and had known one another since the age of 7 when they were in the same fourth grade class. Sam had  red hair with freckles and was shorter and strong. In contrast, Jane had dark long brown hair, fair skin, and was tall and skinny. The two were pretty much inseparable, but when they weren’t together they were texting.

Going into highschool Jane started making more friends after joining the soccer team. Sam was a cheerleader. They both enjoyed their sports and stayed close despite not being on the same team.

While practicing for soccer one day, she was running laps and felt her legs tingle and realized she was running super speed! It felt effortless and she did not know how it was happening. That was the first time she realized and kept it to herself. She did not want people finding out, afraid they might do something to her.

Her second power she found out she had was sitting in class wishing so hard that the teacher would dismiss them early looking intently into the teachers eyes yelling in her head “let us out!!” when to her surprise the teacher looked out at the class and told them they were done early and free to go. She tried this a few more times with different people to see if that wasn’t just a coincidence. She got to school late and thought to the guard “I was on time to class and in class before first bell” when he said she was on time and to go to class.”

She didn’t understand how this was happening but could feel the excitement from all the possibilities she now faced with the powers to run fast and control people’s minds!

This assignment was worth four stars which I think is a fair rating for it.

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