This assignment, is to make a video with a character from a TV show to show how they changed over the course of the show. Friends is one of my favorite shows of all time so I knew I wanted to do a character from this show. I choose Monica, I love all the characters but I thought it would be fun to do hers to show her hair and style change over the 10 seasons.

I started just by opening YouTube and looking up Friends Season 1 episode 1. I then opened QuickPlay on my Mac.  this is what the app looks like. I choose the option New Screen Recording. This allows you to record the screen you are on which is very helpful. The downside to this would be not having audio, but I didn’t want a bunch of random audio clips anyway, just a song playing over all the clips to sound better.

So I then opened up iMovie and choose the import option (the down arrow by project bar) and imported all the screen recordings I had taken.

I then had all my clips together looking like this. I cut down some of the clips to make them shorter, they aren’t all the exact same time but it was pretty even.

To cut down clips you just drag the bar at the end or beginning of the individual clips and it is that simple!

I was thinking of speeding it up to fast, not the normal default but decided it looked too busy like that, however it is very easy to change speed to clips if you would like to.

Next I wanted to add text to my slides. To do this under the main bar “My Media” to the right of it is the “Titles” under here you can choose all different types of titles and how they look. I wanted something more simple and placed in the left corner since that was the least busiest.

When adding a title just click it and it will be added to the clip that your white bar is on. It defaults to a bold white text. You can click the purple bar of “Title Text here” and then in the right corner you get the option to change fonts, color, etc. I stuck with the bold same font, but I wanted to change the white to red. I thought it would stand out more.

Then I added a final text slide. Even though it says title and subtitle I made this my closing screen.

Then I wanted some royalty free music so I choose Bensound of course! Here you can download royalty free music that is catchy too!

After downloading the file it goes to your iTunes account. Then I saved it to my desktop and just dragged it into iMovie! As you can see below the clips there is the green which is the music.

I then choose the share option in iMovie and sent it to my YouTube account.

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