Family Friendly Billboard

This assignment caught my eye because I thought wow, to photoshop myself and family on a billboard would look so fun! Before this week of class, I have never done too much on photo edits like this. I have done editing on light and saturation but not actually moving photos onto different ones to make something. To start this there was a  tutorial listed on the right side and so I went to and I was going to do a movie title like the tutorial did and insert faces of my family on it but then I just kept not being able to pick which movie billboard I wanted, every movie didn’t seem to work for me and was just not happy with the results of them so I decided to just use the sample photo of a blank billboard then add my cousins and I onto it! I used Fotoflexer and loved it. It was free and easy to navigate. I just uploaded both pictures and was able to place a photo on top of the other. I got a lot of help from the tutorial, so check out the link below if you would like to follow it as well!

How to do Family Friendly Billboard

I think it turned out really fun! This picture was taken over the summer when we had a family reunion so it was fun using it for the family prompt.

Overall I am happy with my outcome on this assignment. I showed it to my cousins and they loved it they thought it was so fun.


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