This assignment, Day In The Life Of A Superhero. I decided to use the website Name Generator Fun . This is a really awesome website and I liked going with the name and story line they created so I do not take credit for this idea or story in any way! However, I did add some different parts to it to make it more mine.

My name is Dark Puma. Growing up I was not very fortunate. My parents never had a steady job so I had to help get us food and money for all of my siblings, Johnny, Sam, Chris, and Polly. Around the age of 16, I really started to see the effects living in a tiny house with no food or money was having on my family. So I started to do some shoplifting. Nothing too dangerous, just going to the 7/11 down the street and taking chips and then going to grocery stores and taking bigger items like pasta, bread, peanut butter. Just things to feed my family. Because my siblings are all younger, I know that they need food to grow and be healthy. I then started taking people’s purses when I could, I never enjoyed taking from people, but desperate times…Anyway, back to my point. Someone or something killed my family and me without warning. For some reason, some strange forces brought me back to life. Because I was killed and brought back to life, I don’t ever sleep.  Being dead has some perks. No food or water or sleep is needed! Not needing sleep means that I can spend all of my time working hard to try to find those who killed my family and me as well as fighting other crimes.

So I got two awesome powers after coming back to life. Persuasion is the first one, I can make anyone do whatever I want them to do just by talking to them. Which is fantastic. But on a normal day, I do not take advantage of anyone. I just need to find out who killed my family and I only have evidence of a location of where we were so I work through talking to people so I can hopefully find out the truth.  My other power is being able to talk to cats I can also see from their perspective and link with their minds. Not sure what this power does really but I love cats so I just go with it.

Also, my normal day life involves protecting Prarietown from the bad police officers. I also have a villain I fight against most days, Lord Voltan of Voltavia, his plans are all evil and I will make sure to stop them. Most of his plans involve things that hurt our civilians who live in Prairietown which I do not want happening. Just yesterday he had plans to send out bugs that could hurt everyone in town, but I heard of his plans and sent all of my cats who I had talked to with my mind and we all went together and fought him and I used my mind control to stop him from releasing the bugs.

Every day is different and I never know how it will go. I wish I could trust the cops in this town…luckily I can talk them out of lies and get them to do the right thing at times.

Thanks for reading about my life!

-Dark Puma


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