This assignment is about mixing a close-up image of a person that is dramatic with another picture that does not quite work. I used Pixabay my favorite royalty free image website! I started by searching sad person because I figure a sad person is going to probably look dramatic.

I choose this one of this girl with a tear streaming down her face. I then used BeFunky which is a great tool that is free and no download needed. I added the photo I downloaded and I started by using the tool which is pretty much the same as photoshop, but then I found out to save it and proceed I had to subscribe for $2.00 a month…which I was not going to do! Despite being a good price. So I changed up my ideas.

I then decided to add the other photo I downloaded from Pixabay of blueberries. Pretty random but hey that was the assignment! So I added the blueberry photo to the top left corner. Then on the left side bar above the “A” and its a feature that makes a frame around a picture. Here you can change the opacity, size, etc. 

I decided to blur the background photo of the woman because it added to the dramatic aspect. I also changed the background to be more blue because it worked with the blueberries.

And this is my final picture! Kind of silly but my background story is a girl who loves blueberries and finds out she is deadly allergic and so she thinks of blueberries and cries.


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