This assignment was about creating a theme song and I wanted I used  Shutterstock.

This website has all royalty free music and I liked that there was a mood option. For the first mood I picked hopeful because I think hope goes well with my character being that she is in highschool and just found these superpowers. The second mood I choose was confident because I thought they would compliment each other nicely.

Then I opened audacity and I had downloaded the media so I imported them to the app.

As you can see I cut the bottom one in this picture below, I then cut the top one as well to be the same length.

This is what my final product looked like on the audacity side.  A complaint I have for this website I used is that there are ads every 15 seconds saying “Shutterstock Music” which is super annoying and not what I wanted! However, I had planned on having a short theme song because I like shorter ones so I am happy with it.

Below on Sound Cloud I have linked my official theme song for my superhero!

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