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I always have been a fan of looking at different fonts, when I was younger and Microsoft word was just becoming fancy with different edits I would play around with all the fonts constantly. From the weird scribble font too big bubble letters.

I choose these letters because I love how black stands out against light backgrounds. I love cursive writing so this was a font I liked because it was cursive but also a little bit of normal writing too. I liked the background pattern a lot, it reminds me of little flowers. I think it is fun to see people’s names in different fonts and backgrounds, it makes names more specialized.

This assignment was easy using CollettersI had fun choosing different fonts and patterns, it was easy to complete but I still felt creative doing it.

I had difficulty posting it on the assignment page from the assignment bank, Captcha the robot part at the bottom kept saying there was an error so I reloaded the page and tried to check it and resubmit but it kept saying reCaptcha is invalid.

Also, I am not sure why the very top and bottom of the letters that go higher and lower are cut off, I couldn’t find a way for them to not have that happen.


Below I am adding a quick tutorial on how I used this website.

Under Logo Text, you write what word or words you would like to be on the product. You change font size and the fonts as well on this step.

There are lots of different font options, all with fun names too. You can play around and decide what font you are looking for. Next moving on to Logo page you can change the opacity as well as the other options. Here you can change the letters to have patterns if you would like.

Finally onto the background there are lots of different patterns and colors to choose from.

And this is my final product!

I actually like this one better than my original because there is more interest. But you can’t go wrong with whatever you create so play around with it and have fun!

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