This assignment was about recording your day and making it almost like a vlog. Vlogs are uploaded to YouTube. If you don’t know what they are it is basically just someone who videos their life and uploaded it to YouTube, they can be very creative and fun to watch. I actually created this assignment because I thought it would be a good one to do. So I recorded little bits throughout my day and then compiled them all on iMovie as always!

This picture below shows how I sped up two of the clips. They were a bit longer of me just on my computer so I figured I would add the speed up effect.

This picture is a closer picture from the screen above, it shows that the speed is chosen and to the right, I hit the normal down bar and switched to Fast.

Then I added music, I used Ben Sound which has royalty free music for free to download. I just selected the song I had downloaded and added it below the video content. Also after adding music I picked all the clips that had me talking and put the volume to 400% so the music would be quieter, one of them it messed the audio up a bit it doesn’t sound as clear unfortunately.

Then I went back and added an intro title with the date and I also added a closing title as well. This is easy to do as you can see it is on the left sidebar with the other options.

And then I exported the video to my YouTube and here it is!


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