This week was all about audio. I have never used any kind of audio editing tools before. The most I have ever done is just talk on Snapchat and it edits the noises it hears on its own. So this week was the most challenging so far.

The first post I started with was about how sound plays an important role in audio stories. I liked writing about this because as I talk about in the post, I love podcasts so it was fun to talk about this.

Why sound is important

Second order of business was to listen to the DS106 radio live stream and live tweet about it. This was the highlight of the week for me. I had so much fun I even listened the next night too. It was great to interact with my classmates and listen to all the important parts of audio.

Live Stream Tweeting

Next are the Daily Creates of the week!


Next was creating a radio bumper.

Radio Bumper

Then I made a theme song for my super hero!

Theme song

And now to the Assignment Bank!

Started off with the Sound Effects assignment. I liked this one I am happy it was “required” because it taught me how to use audactiy in a different way. 3 1/2 stars

Sound Effects

Then the Fictional Radio Ad for 4 1/2 stars.

Fictional Radio Ad

And finally the music mashup for 3 1/2 stars.

Music Mashup

All of these assignment banks challenged me in different ways and taught me a lot. I go into more detail about all of them as usual on the actual post!

Next I brainstormed on some possible radio show ideas.

Radio Show Ideas

And last stop is commenting!


I have more comments on different blogs but the media won’t add for some reason to this post. One of the comments was off of someone’s post for the brainstorming ideas, we had a similar idea which I thought was great.

Overall this week definetly had some challenges and I was pushed the hardest to learn new things- but that’s what this class is about!




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