I was scrolling through writing assignments and I found this Monologue Of A Household Tool. I knew I wanted to do this. The concept is so fun, taking a position from something you interact with everyday but then thinking like it. Try to see if you can guess what my object was! Comment below if you figure it out.

I lay there next to the water. Exhausted from my last use, but oh no! I am being picked up again and squeezed! The water burns me. I am vigorously used to scrub other objects. I feel the water into every pore. There is a substance that is also filling my pores and making it more uncomfortable, but by now I am used to it and getting better. When I am finished being used I am once again squeezed and thrown to the side. I did my job and I am left on the counter until there is another mess where I am needed. The table has been covered in crubs from the dinner. I am picked up and used to wipe down the table. I feel every bump on the wooden top. I am drying out and not picking up crumbs anymore. I have so many crumbs in my pores I can’t hold anymore. I am then taken back to the water and I cleaned out. I feel all the crumbs fall off of me and I can breathe again. The soap is washed out and I am me again. I am squezed again but the final squeeze of the day. I know that I will rest drying for the night, until morning when I am needed again.

This assignment got a star rating of 4 and a half stars and I would agree with that rating. It takes some creative thinking to be in the mind of an object!

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