Final Project

My Final Assignment Process

Warning-this is a long post! I started off writing this blog post while creating my orginial project but as you will read on you find out what happened to it. This blog post will outline the process for my final assignment. I had posted a brainstorm post. My professor commented an Read more…

Weekly Summary

Week 12: Remix & Mashups

Assignment Bank: A Changing Character I’m Ready For My Close Up Remix Assignments: Places of Peace: With a Hint of Pink The Civil War Photo   Daily Creates: Cool shadows from the solar eclipse #ds106 #tdc2139 — mlibds106 (@mlibertyds106) November 17, 2017 Level 106 in Candy Crush! #ds106 #tdc2136 Read more…

Assignment Bank

The Civil War Photo

I used Befunky to make this assignment I did this previously but now with the twist of adding breast cancer awareness. I choose to keep simple and add the ribbon on the corner. I think it works well because the photo was so serious before. 

Assignment Bank

I’m Ready For My Close Up

This assignment is about mixing a close-up image of a person that is dramatic with another picture that does not quite work. I used Pixabay my favorite royalty free image website! I started by searching sad person because I figure a sad person is going to probably look dramatic. I choose this one of Read more…

Assignment Bank

Week 11: Adventures in Moviemaking

I enjoyed continuing film this week! Assignment Bank: #SixSecondArt Take us through your day Final Crisis Daily Creates #ds106 #tdc2127 — mlibds106 (@mlibertyds106) November 5, 2017 slightly embarassed because I have been to 4/5 places and was not very close.. #ds106 #tdc2128 — mlibds106 (@mlibertyds106) November 6, 2017 Read more…

Other Assignments

Final Crisis

Flash forward 20 years. We are all living with technology. We do nothing for ourselves. We do not communicate with any other humans without a device that does it for us. Technology has taken over and we have let it. We now need a superhero to come in and save Read more…