Dear incoming DS106 student,

Digital Storytelling is a great class. Before coming into it I had heard a lot of mixed reviews, some who loved it some who told me “It is just SO much work”. Personally, if I am interested in something “too much work” is no problem for me. Because when interest is there, the work does not feel like too much. I got into this class last minute because I had emailed trying to be force added. Professor Bond sent an email to all on the waitlist basically saying something along the lines of “If you want me to add you email me, first to email will get in” I think I emailed back in 50 seconds and then I was in! I was ecstatic. The weeks are all about different topics and skills. The consistency of every week is doing Daily Creates and Blog Posts. The Daily Creates on twitter were a lot of fun. The subjects were different every day and it was always cool to wake up in the morning and check what the days assignment was. I truly believe that if you find yourself interested in it, the workload will not seem to be too much. I would always start off the work Mondays and get most of it done that day, if possible. This way it would not get too late into the week incase I had questions or if certain assignments took more time and equipment. If you apply yourself to this course, it will be so rewarding. I personally was not a huge fan of the theme superheros for my semester, however Professor Bond let’s you take the theme to any degree you want. So if you love the theme-perfect! But if not, do not worry because you will not focus 100% on it. I hope that this has helped you and you enjoy the course as much as I did and others have as well.

Former DS106 Student.


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