Warning-this is a long post! I started off writing this blog post while creating my orginial project but as you will read on you find out what happened to it.

This blog post will outline the process for my final assignment. I had posted a brainstorm post.

Final Crisis: Plan Layout

My professor commented an idea of using story maps and I had never completed one before but after looking at the ArcGis website.http://www.arcgis.com/home/index.html

I was interested in using the Cascade map (The Big Lonely example). So to start I created a free login online. Our school offers GIS pro accounts only if you are in GIS classes, which I am not. So I made do. I watched a few tutorial videos on YouTube. I found this video helpful.

So to start on the main page, I created an account, linked to FaceBook. On the top bar, there is a content page. When you click that, this screenshot below is where it takes you.

On this page, there is the option to Add Item

Then Hit the New button.

Then under create: choose using a template.

Here you can choose what kind of map you are choosing, I decided to do 

So I clicked the option under “Build a Story Map” I choose the Story Map Cascade then created a web app. The next step is to name the map.

This is the main page once your map is created.

Then I started creating my map!

So while I was starting this map, I was including a tutorial alongside my process. Well, I created the whole map on ArcGIS, no problem. Then I would save my information and for some reason, it would not open in a web page when I would copy the link. So after trying a lot of times, I made an appointment with the DKC. They also could not figure it out. I was so frustrated because I had worked hard and figured out the software but all that was happening was the link not having my content saved correctly. I had spent time learning the software and creating a project only to not be able to show it. So I included a quickplay screen recording below so you can see what it looked like.  I exported the file from quickplay to youtube and shared below. To be completely honest, I didn’t originally think to make a screen recording of this when it had gone wrong, so I had to come up with a plan b. But, while writing this up, I thought of it so I did two final projects in a way!

So at the DKC appointment, they recommended using Tiki Toki or a TimeLineJS. But because my story is not dates and times, I did not like the set up of these for this project. So after feeling very defeated with the whole process, I thought I would try Prezi. But turns out Prezi costs money, and while there is a free trial for 7 days, credit card info was needed which is never a good sign to me. So that lead me to search up websites similar to Prezi which landed me with Emaze.

Powered by emaze

Overall this final project was quite the experience for me. While I was frustrated with the process of ArcGIS not functioning properly, in the end, it taught me more. As I have learned in this course sometimes when things go wrong, you learn much more out of it. I know learned how to navigate and create on two different platforms. I really enjoyed emaze, and I can now look forward to using it in the future for assignments.

Below I have embedded my final assignment of writing advice for incoming ds106 students. I enjoyed reflecting on this class. Every week writing about the process on all of my work has taught me a lot about metacognition. I think that taking a step back and looking over what works and what doesn’t is key to success.

Dear Incoming DS106 Student,

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