I am your average American High School student athlete. I play soccer for Freedom High. My parents are usually busy at work so I don’t see them all the time, but I know they’re always there for me. Everything about me seems normal and basic, except that I have powers. I still don’t know how or why I got these but I did. One day running laps practicing for soccer I started to run extremely fast, as fast as a car! I had no idea how I was doing it without any effort either. Later that day, still in shock from my run I was sitting in physics class wishing the teacher would let us out early so I was looking at Mr. Brown as hard as I could thinking “let us out!” and he said to the class we would end early! I am telling you Mr. Brown NEVER lets out early so this was crazy. I kept trying this mind power on other people through the day and it kept working! Really strange but I went with it.

My normal day consists of eating pizza, going to school, practice, and hanging out with my best friend, Sam. After school, however, is when my life changes. After a few weeks of having these powers, I wanted to be able to use them to help people. The first time I helped was some older kids bullying a freshman. I changed their mind and made them see the other student as a cool kid and to be nice which they did. That was pretty great, so many times I have seen kids being bullied and wanted to help but didn’t know if I could really make a difference and now I know I can. These powers are still new to me and I don’t know how my super speed running can help others, but I hope to figure it out.

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