I was not able to listen to the first live stream on the DS106 radio but I joined on Tuesday night and had a fantastic time. It was great to live tweet along with my classmates and we all could add up parts of the stories and put our intake or what we just heard that is probably important. The hashtags #ds106 and #d106radio were used throughout the stream, more on the #ds106 so I would check both throughout the stream. There were about 7 of us tweeting the whole hour and it was great. I have felt distant from my fellow classmates since it is online, while I have been commenting on blogs and tweets I have not gotten much feedback on my posts- hopefully I will at some point! But this tweeting event let me interact with others at a fast pace and we had a common ground of listening for important sounds. We also had fun, we made jokes, and if any of you reading this was present on Tuesday night or saw on Twitter later, there was a hilarious tweet about a Stair Master.

This episode started with some groovy music and the first half of the show kept with that theme of the music then transitioned later into a different era with rap kind of music instead. The little details are what were very important in this. The background noises allowed the listener to be able to see the story without actually having visuals. For example, when there were loud car noises, driving by, the constant flow of talking and dogs barking, police sirens all layered together it made it obvious we were now outside again without telling us but with the audio. Below is my twitter and all the tags with #ds106 and #ds106radio are what I added to the live tweeting event.

I enjoyed this so much I am going to join the live streaming again tonight!



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