Photography has always been something that has interested me but I never pursued it. I like to take pictures for fun throughout the day. It is so easy to take high-quality photos with cell phones these days. I have an iPhone 7 plus which has a really great quality. I tend to take photos of my food, landscapes, and I love taking pictures of the sky. I love seeing the sun in the middle of the day and al the different clouds. Sunset photos are also a favorite of mine. When I can capture the beauty of the sky or a landscape I love it! This last summer I traveled to Europe and I bought a canon g7x mark ii and took so much photos-some where around 3,000 probably! I love sharing the pictures I’ve taken with family and friends.

These tips on how to improve taking photos were very interesting to me, I think I will start playing around with different kinds of shots after reading through them.

Also, this post was so helpful and makes me want to play around even more with taking photos.

The photos below are a few I have taken before that I like a lot.

Last spring my sister graduated here from UMW, she actually took this course as well and loved it. Anyway, I took her grad photos for her which was fun to play around with different angles, I liked this photo a lot because it gave that above viewpoint and I had her place her hand with her class ring on it to include it with her cap.

This is a good example of what a great camera can do! I took this in Venice using my G7x mark ii and was able to focus on the gondola symbol and have the background be blurred out. I love the sharpness in this picture as well as the light hitting the gold.

I took this on a train ride from Berlin, Germany to Belgium and as we had just started moving after a stop the train was going slow enough for me to capture this street. I love the lines and the cars paralleling each other and the depth of this. Even at the very furthest point back it looks like it might even curve to continue on.

I could continue sharing photos, but I will stop myself there and end the post here! Hope you enjoyed hearing about my journey with photography. Comment and share with me some photos you have taken and want to show off, I would love to see them!

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