I had a hard time downloading Audacity, I found the website to messy and hard to follow, way too much going on. But I finally got it all downloaded and watched a few different tutorials on youtube on how to use this app and that helped a lot. I also had a difficult time exporting as an MP3, I tried and it worked at first but did not include both layers of audio, just the one of the music and not my recording. So I tried again today and it worked! To be completely honest, I am not sure what I did differently but I like how it turned out. The music I chose was from Free Sound and they had lots of awesome ones. I thought the one I picked was pretty suspenseful, which works well with the superhero theme.  The original music had very high pitch beeps throughout it, and it was horrible!  So I cut those out and it was more pleasant after that.

I rented a Shure Motiv microphone from the Hurley Convergence Center. It looked like this with two cords, one for a USB outlet and one for an iPhone which is pretty cool.

I used the USB outlet and I plugged it in with my laptop and recorded the short clip. Overall I think this came out nice sounding. I wish this link below was not so big it is overwhelming and distorts the quality of the picture. I just used that with basic editing. I wanted to include a superhero type quality photo and this is one of those yellow POW! that you would see reading a superhero comic.





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