For this assignment, I used BeFunky as always! It is a great website for editing photos and adding text.

I created a tutorial on how I completed this!

To start off I used Unsplash which is a great website for photos for free use. I looked up landscape photos because I wanted a broad general picture to use. I picked this one of a landscape.

Then I used BeFunky as  I mentioned before.

So I started here and then I wanted to add text.

The left sidebar has the ability to change the font style which I did as well as the color being  white in the middle. You can do lots of fun things with just text alone. But I wanted to be more simple for this.

Then I wanted to add a border just to add to the photo. This picture above is  the original border but I changed the outer and inner thickness.

And this is my final picture! I think it turned out great and I had fun creating it. For our radio show, our idea is interviewing a retired superhero so I thought this quote was simple but shows the idea well. And the picture is so dramatic with the greenery, wide city landscape, as well as the mountain in the back.


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