I have a few different ideas for a radio show. One of them I thought could be fun would be a “retired” superhero who has been out to the public and no longer fighting the villans talking about some of the hardest times of being a Superhero and some of the funniest too, etc. Just stories from their time-fighting crime! I think this one can go a lot of ways similar to any brainstormed idea because the superhero can be one of ours we have created or maybe a group created a Superhero. Just having fun with it and making a well-developed story and having a good time with it. Flashbacks included-music fading to old times to show the time before and how life was at one point. I think this would be really fun.

Another idea I have is maybe a superhero calling in in a world where superheroes aren’t uncommon so everyone has their own power so different people come to be interviewed and talk about how their powers work, what they do with them, how they got them, and so forth.

Those are the ideas I have for a radio show.

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