This week we started working on creating groups for our radio show. At first I was worried finding a group but I posted to twitter.

Then Eric Dorman reached out specifically to Hannah and I so we formed a group. Then Courtney Owen joined our group as well! So forming a group was not as hard as I had thought it might be. The spreadsheet that was sent to us in an email was extrememly helpful and organized.

So I started off by emailing everyone in my group asking for their gmail so I could create a google doc so we could start working off there. I had everyone add their phone numbers and Courtney had the idea of using groupme because texting was not working. So I contacted everyone on groupme and google doc. I also added you to the doc. I wanted to get the week going since we had a later start and so I wanted all of us to start brainstorming in  general. I linked my original blogpost as well so everyone could see my idea. Everyone then added their ideas and their blog posts but everyone liked my idea of having it be an interview with a retired superhero so we decided to go with that.

From there I wrote in the doc to have everyone add some ideas to what they think would be a good topic for the superhero.

Overall, I think that it is a good group and they seem like hard workers and it should go very well. Group work is hard to manage online, but it will get done and we will have a fun time creating a story as well as the actual radio show.



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