This Monday and Tuesday, I was able to tune into the live radio shows. I had a lot of fun listening to these. Because they were live it was more of an event and I set out that time for it. It was a great way to see how everyone was creative and we all had different ideas, although a few of the same as well. Even though all of the radio shows were great and I could write about them all, I am going to write about Distress Signal.

From the very beginning this sounded like something I might actually hear on the radio, their intro was so great. They used music and repetion that made it catchy. They also introduced themselves which I thought was nice too. All of their sound effects were great.

Because I was tweeting live with the #ds106 I was able to tweet with a few of the group members and get more insight which was pretty cool. I tweeted this:


So from this tweet, I learned that they had recorded together so the audio was great and I am sure it helped with less editing of audio! Their energy was fantastic as well.

Similar to my radio group, Distress Signal also included a game which helps keep us listeners engaged and excited.

After the show, Jordan who was a member in this group, went on Google Hangouts and talked about how they made their show. While Google Hangout did not work too well, there was a lot of echos. But, I did hear a little and Jordan said they used the soundbooth in the HCC which I love to hear since I work at the Info Desk.

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