While watching Kurt Vonnegut on The Shapes of Stories   he explained the shapes of stories and how they vary depending on what the story is. So his first example was about a person who is above average and they get into trouble so they drop low and then they get themselves out of trouble and rise above it and how people never get sick of this because they just love it. I watched the First ever Superman cartoon and putting this story into the context of Kurt Vonnegut’s view on how stories can end or start different spots, I see Superman starting at about average. He is born on planet Krypton. On this planet “civilization was far advanced” and created Superman who was the “absolute peak of human perfection” so to start I would say that he was at the above average. But when his planet got destroyed and he was on the street as an orphan he hit his lowest point. From there the cartoon says his super powers he has like being “faster than a bullet, more powerful than locomotive, jump over buildings” so now he is at the very top! of this chart. He is still above average on his day to day while superman lives his average life as Kent Clark and then he hits the very top of the chart while he is saving people from evil and using his powers. So this story too is one that people do not get sick of because it is one that is constantly fluctuating with the excitment of Superman saving people from evil forces.

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