Reading How ancient legends gave birth to modern superheroes I learned a lot of new points about superheroes. As I mentioned previously I have never had too much of an interest in superheroes and I really do not know much about them. But from this reading I got more information from it. One of the first things that stand out to me is Jess Nevis’s point on how there is no “pure” superhero not even superman. He also tlaks about heroenkonzept being a core idea of a character’s origin story to superpowers to their costume. “protosuperhero” is used to describe all characters appearing before Superman but have superheroic elements and heroenkonzept. Nevis says that the early Superman stories are basic in their storyline but have an “undeniable energy and wish fulfillment aspect to them”. The stories also have a surrounding story that is based on reality.  I chose to watch the First Ever Superman Cartoon. Again, not being a fanatic for superheroes I had never seen this cartoon before. To me, what defines a superhero is someone who in the face of evil will always fight against it. They will use their different powers and strengths to save the local people or animals. In this cartoon specifically, Superman is shown as Kent Clark, an average man in a suit and glasses. Then a mad scientist is trying to destroy the town, Kent Clark evolves into Superman and uses his powers to pick up the building that was knocked down. Something I noticed while watching this cartoon was how important music was tied to what was happening on the screen. When the scene changed to the mad scientist the music was building up and felt dramatic and scary. I took a music course my freshman year, and we went over the importance that music can have to films in how without words the music alone can get your attnetion and make you have feelings towards the story unfolding. This cartoon ends with Superman saving the woman,  capturing the mad scientist and throwing him in jail. The ending scene is a newspaper article of the scientist in jail and it shows Superman back to being Kent Clark in a suit and glasses smile at the camera. This cartoon sets a basis for many other superheroes stories.

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