For this assignment, the focus was about design. I thought it would be fun to use posters from school. I really don’t pay attention to certain aspects of design, usually I will just see a flyer and think if it looks nice or not but this was fun to really look into why the design were how they were.

To start off with this flier, It uses the color blue which is known to have a calming effect which I am sure was not by accident seeing that it is about sexual assault, dating violence, stalking or harassment. It also has a nice set up of having big words for the overall feeling or reason with phone numbers and locations on where to go to get help. There is a lot of information on this one page so by having some sections be more simple and larger fonts the reader is able to get the big picture faster.


The next photo is another flier with information. For this I want to focus on the minimalism of this. There is no color and it has a faily simple border. The information is clear and simple. Besides the two hearts there is nothing added for more design. It is still powerful and gets the message out.


This poster is very powerful. The balance is more on the large picture of the car accident. The color green is throughout it besides the blue to highlight that. The use of the image is meant to get your attention and to make you feel something.


Finally my last photo, this is not of a poster but my emergen-c packet I had at lunch which I thought woul be fun to do. This packaging uses a simple font but colors that are pleasing to look at and bright. The bottom with images makes it look great.


There is design all over in everything which I don’t usually consider but now after this week and this assignment I realize that design is very important and affects people a lot.

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