This week was a little stressful for my radio group. Last week we brainstormed but did not have much set in stone, but by this week we had lots of our ideas and work down. After I creating the GroupMe account and the google doc, my group was able to talk much easier and faster.

Eric thought it would be best if we all just had one job so we decided who does what. Courtney wrote our lovely radio script (and Hannah added some as well), Eric did the hard work of editing audio, and Hannah and I read out the script. We all also contributed with different ads from work we had done previously and I created new ones as well. This worked really well for us. By all having our tasks we knew what we needed to do and could focus on making it the best we could.

We struggled getting to the time requirement so we added commericials for our time to get longer.

Overall, I think we did a great job and I love how it turned out. The group worked well together.

I think one thing that made this hard was that we had fall break so a lot of us did not work those two days so we started off late.

But I love how it turned out!

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