The Vignelli Canon is a booklet that Massimo Vignelli created for other designers to learn more. Opening the link to this booklet, a bold orange color page at beginning stands out, then the page filled with black, except his name and the title The Vignelli Canon on the right side. Moving away from the black a white page with a dedication is the next page. Following that is the Introduction, again a white page. There is a page with three images stacked on each other to give it depth.

It is interesting how Part 1, the page is black again. To me, this is a good way to make a clear distinct new chapter.

This is just a tiny corner of the full black page. This outlines what will be coming up.


I think this quote from the booklet does a great job stating what he thinks semantics to be.

“In design, means to understand the subject in all its aspects; to relate the subject to the sender and the receiver in such a way that it makes sense to both. It means to design something that has a meaning, that is not arbitrary, that has a reason for being, something in which every detail carries the meaning or has a precise purpose aimed at a precise target.”

There was not picture included with the semantics portion.

The next topic, syntactic, has a much shorter definition and page in general. This section, however, did include a picture with it.

All of the sections following have one page of text on the left and a picture relating to the topic on the right.

I won’t go through every section part one, but he gives great information about the different parts of design. He also gives information about himself that backs up his credibility like how he worked as a draftsman in The office of the Castiglioni Architects in Milano at age sixteen.

This page in the booklet is very visual appealling, it looks like it is 3D, the shadows from the objects, the red marker going over the page, th text going ontop of the mouse. It is a great page.

The imagery used throughout this booklet is very important. Since it was created for other designers to learn having all the different parts that he finds important to design with pictures lets the reader understand more how the concepts can be applied.




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