We have come to the end. Of the semester and of ds106.Well almost, one more week. So this post is going over my beginning process of the final project.I decided to pick the mission:

2. Save the city: If saving the world feels like too big a job, there’s trouble brewing in Fredericksburg as well. An alien creature drops from the sky and begins to terrorize the city. Bats are attacking people on the river. Jane Doe is stuck in traffic and late for work. College students across the city are beginning to struggle with end of semester assignments and finals. Foreign military lands in the city. And our ds106 villains think this is all too peaceful. What are we going to do about all of this? And is it a coincidence that it’s all happening at once, or is there some grand scheme to uncover?

I decided to follow this idea slightly, but changing it to everyone in Fredericksburg, VA getting of work or classes driving home and having the sky open up with a big monster coming down on them. And then I will be using my super hero Jane Smith to save the day with her mind power and speed.

At this point I have brainstormed ideas I have and I include them below:

-Fredericksburg describe it,

“Fredericksburg —-may be able to find a video already on youtube? And just link it to make into the story??****

start with google maps to show where it is, maybe pictures, drone footage into video make it start off with light tone and happy then use narrator’s voice and make it dark and go into the details of the problems.

-Alien Creature: drops from sky, the day was normal slightly clouded seeing as it was November and the sun does not come out all the time, average fall day. It was noon on a Friday. People were ready to get off work and out ready to start the weekend. The college students that attend the University of Mary Washington were stressed out about finals coming up and various group assignments so the weekend would be a busy one. When suddenly the sky opens up from the clouds moved past as an alien creature.

Have Jane Smith attending high school nearby UMW, James Monroe High School. And have two stories going one of the town and one of her day- She just being at school boring day in class and hears outside noises of chaos and runs to find out. Using mind control to get out of class.

Jane Smith will save the day with her powers and save the people and town of Fredericksburg, Virginia.

I used the website canva to create a story board to brainstorm the beginning of my ideas.

This is what the webpage looks like. It comes with different kinds of templates and this is what it looked like almost originally. On the left I added a photo of Fredericksburg and the second photo is what it looks like when you delete the photo that is placed there. I downloaded a few photos for my general idea of what it would be like so this is my final ideas together for the downtown part:

I wanted to focus the story board on the city and the event. As i said I will have two stories going with Jane Smith leaving school to save the day but I did not decide to make a story board because it will be shorter on her side of the story.

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Paul · December 3, 2017 at 8:56 pm

There are a lot of way to use Google Maps as a storytelling platform, like pinning media and notes to a map. There’s also Story Maps https://storymaps.arcgis.com/en/ although I haven’t tried it. Just a couple ideas.

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