Looking through the syllabus I was worried that this class might be hard for me because the work load is stresed heavily. But I know that I enjoy learning new applications and being creative so I am already very excited for this semester.

I took intro to digital studies last semester, so I already had a domain created as well as two subdomains for different classes and for fun. Then I added another subdomain for this class. I was having issues with WordPress and it was added /blog at the end of my subdomain name but I didn’t realize  it so I went to the DKC and they helped me with some of the little problems on my page to get me all set up.

I liked joining all of the social medias. I have never had a flickr, vimeo and soundcloud account before and it was enjoyable to look around the website and add to them. I’m still not sure how to add to soundcloud fully, can anyone create? I’ll have to look into that. I also created a separate twitter and youtube account for the class to have them together and not mixed with my other accounts.

I had so much fun creating an introduction video for Vimeo. I have played around with iMovie before as well as Final Cut Pro for a project before and I really enjoy it. So I compiled lots of small clips from this last summer of travel that I did with my sister. We traveled to 12 countries in 30 days. I bought a nice camera to record and take pictures while I was traveling and so putting them together in a short video really made me happy. I like using iMovie and seeing all the different features I can use. The uploading process to vimeo was downright painful. To start it took a while, which is fine but from there I would upload it and then it uploaded 3 times and kept telling me my storage was already out and I needed to buy more storage and wouldn’t even let me delete the old videos for more room. Not to give up, but I choose to go with using YouTube instead, especially because this won’t be my only video so I figured YouTube has more space for vidoes. This part of the week gave me the most trouble. The uploading kept messing up. I wish I had maybe gone to the DKC to get help for this, however I figured it out on my own which is also important!


I made a comic for one of the daily creates and I had never done that before! It was very simple layout to the website but figuring it out was enjoyable. Not the best comic but a little start! I learned that you can customize and make comics very easily and for free!

New Accounts I created this week:

Vimeo Account
Flickr Account

Daily Create:




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