Photography has always been an interest to me so this week was a great one! I go into detail about my relationship with photography.

Photography and Me

I looked at a Spiderman cartoon from 1967 and picked three different shots from the episode and used the points I had learned from the reading and applied them. I am currently taking a cinema studies class and we have been looking at different shots and the importance of light these last few classes so this worked well with this assignment and describing the different shots.

Spiderman + Perspectives

I continued with my Spiderman theme and created an image of him at a laundry mat. I thought this was so fun to do and I liked my outcome!

Spiderman Doing…Laundry?

Assignment Bank:

Moving onto the assignment bank for the week, I got a little carried away. So many of the prompts really interest me and I want to do so many! I did two then realized that we needed to incorporate our character, in some way, so since I had already done the two and posted, I just did another post as well.

The first post I did was a Combophoto.

Pens and Ice Cream

This next one made me feel a little silly taking such a serious photo but I went with it!

Civil War Photo

And finally, my post involving my character! I enjoy posts more that use different creativity so this wasn’t my favorite of the week but that’s okay. I hope to get into my character more, but right now I like doing different assignments more.

Places of Peace

My 20 minute photoblizer assignment gave me a different approach to photography like I haven’t experienced before. I liked the concept of having a list and working through different ideas.

20 minutes of photos!


My Daily Creates of the week below:

I always enjoy doing these. It’s one of the first things I check in the morning because everyday they are completely different. I would say my favorite of the week was the shadows one. I don’t usually look at shadows but it’s fun to see what they can look like.


Comments for the week:

This is one of my favorite parts, looking through classmates blogs and projects to see what they have created or the different approaches to assignments I completed as well. I comment on a lot of posts so I will only put a few below!








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