This week was heavily focused on our superhero theme for this semester. I have never watched too many superhero movies or comics so this theme is a little hard for me. But, this week I learned much more about it which made me more interested in the topic.

To start off I read  “How ancient legends gave birth to modern superheroes” From this reading I learned a lot. Nevis goes through different parts about what he defines superheroes as. He said that they cannot be defined by superhuman powers or costumes, and there is no “pure” superhero, not even Superman. He also talks about heroenkonzept, it is a core concept of the character it makes up their origin story to superpowers to costume. And “proto-superhero” to describe all characters that appeared before Superman, but have super-heroic elements and heroenkonzept. Any character with some, or many of super heroic elements, are proto-superheros. Traditionally, superheroes are seen as a white male genre, but proto superheroes before Superman were different. As I said, I do not know much about superheroes, so this was interesting learning that before Superman, the genre was not the same. Also, stories before Superman were grounded in reality. I go into more detail on my blog post here.


My second assignment I wrote about  Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories. And I tied it back to the first Superman cartoon I watched. I enjoyed watching this cartoon and applying it with Kurt Vonnegut’s method. The blog post is here.

My third assignment was my Characters Dossier. I wrote a post here. Going into more detail about my character.

My next assignments were the writing ones. The first one I did was What Am I I loved this assignment. It was a lot of fun to think so creatively and write differently than I have before.

My second writing assignment was related to my character. I developed her childhood story.

Next was the daily creates. My first one below

 I liked this one a lot because I am on Instagram all the time. My friends and I will talk about a photo saying something along the lines of: I wish my life was that great, her life is PERFECT!, how is someone’s desk that organized? And this assignment showed that that desk might be organized, but maybe the rest of the room is a disaster! All we see is what picture is posted not anything out of the lens. I liked this one a lot.

My second daily create below


This was a fun one. I just used a self timer and did a classic pose!

Third here, I love dots and this one was fun I have many things with dots but these are some of my favorites, as well as my phone case that has gold dots!

I started to comment on more people’s tweets this week and they are all below! I enjoy looking at my classmates work because all of us have different experiences and perceptions of things so when I see a prompt I will have a totally different outlook on it than someone else and I love to see what people create.

Just to be safe these are my comments for the week!




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