This was the first real week of assignments. Last week was about getting blogs up and setting up accounts. I was excited to start some assignments. I started off going through Week Two’s Assignments

(side note I just learned how to make a link have link text so the whole link is not there and I am very excited!)

For the first task, I went to my shared google doc on writing and I added an idea to it for my group. I was a little unsure how to go about this assignment, and I still am not very happy with how I ended it. I am creative in some ways but sometimes I just need help with ideas to get inspiration from others so I did just that and looked through old assignments for the writing section which helped.

For the second task, I used this link on Writing up Assignments

Which was SO helpful. I took notes on it and made sure to have that tab open while completing all of my assignment banks! I really liked the guidelines that were within it, it helped me focus on what to follow and what to make sure to incorporate in my assignment posts.

For the third task, the daily creates. I had started them last week thinking we needed to do them but now did them this week as the official start!

My first one I did here,

And the second one is here,

I LOVED this daily create! I didn’t feel challenged on the previous one I did since I did not do much with it. However today’s was a lot of fun for me. I have never thought of creating a movie poster but this website Easy Movie Poster  . All I did to find it was search how to make a movie poster and there it was! (plus it was free which is always good). I had a lot of fun playing around with the different set ups of posters and I used istock Photo which advertised as being able to use any pictures for free. They had a lot of different kinds of pictures and all of high quality. I really liked doing this, it felt like it could be in the assignment bank!

Moving on to the fourth task, going through the Assignment Bank. We had to complete three asignments from different areas in the bank. I made posts for each of these and went into detail about how I created them and how they turned out so by clicking the links you can see all of the details about them!

The first one I choose was the animated GIF section. I completed a blog post called the To do List

The next assignment from the bank was from the visual assignments where the objective was to make a billboard or put people on a billboard and I stuck with the family theme by putting me and my Cousins on the Billboard.

The final assignment from the bank was from Design. I enjoyed this one because the website I used Coolletters was very easy to navigate, I made a tutorial on my blog post here.

Then for task five, I started playing around with different themes. I found the one I have now Hestia that I like. I think it looks good to have a static front page and then the menu at the top. It took me some time to get the menu down. I had all of my posts put into categories, but I needed a menu and was struggling remembering how to do so. My sister who graduated from Mary Washington last year, was a DKC tutor while being a student here. So I facetimed her and she showed me how to make the categories into a menu. I just needed to name the menu before it could go through. I really like how my website looks right now. I may add some tweaks as I go along but for now I like it. I was not feeling very creative on the title of this blog. I like when titles are strongly related to content or are catchy. I liked digital storytelling as my heading but reading the weeks assignment saying that should not be the title I changed it to my last name. It still isn’t creative and I will hopefully find insipration and a new title will come to me. But as of now that is my title. I also added a contact form at the bottom of my static page which looks good. Last week I went into the DKC and one of the tutors advised me on all the plugins to download so I did those.

For building my participation, to be honest I was not too good about it this week. I liked a few of the daily creates and commented on one of the assignment banks, but it said it was under review so I am not sure if it got posted. I think I will just work off of twitter and some blogs. I just have a hard time seeing my peers because I miss a lot of tweets.

I really liked the different challenges this week had. I got a good feel of how the class will continue on after this week. The assignment bank was interesting to go through to see what caught my interest.

Thanks for reading!



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